Bathers At A Beach

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View of bathers at one of Sydney's beaches. From Sydney Morning Herald colour 'View' book, memorandum inside book is dated 11 March 1938. These colour prints are thought to be some of the first colour images produced for the SMH. The camera used to create them was most likely a 'Bermpohl Naturfarbenkamera' - c1933 - Introduced as "Einbelichtung-Dreifarben-Kamera", meaning single-exposure three colour camera. Photographed by Herbert Fishwick for The Sydney Morning Herald in 1938.

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Available in two sizes. The 500-piece puzzle (40.3cm x 50.7cm) is a popular, challenging puzzle while the 1,000-piece puzzle (50.2cm x 76cm) has similar-size pieces and provides hours of entertainment. Made in Australia using locally sourced materials by Puzzles Australia.

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