Dry Lake Racers Australia's 33rd Annual Speed Week

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Dry Lake Racers Australia's 33rd Annual Speed Week 2023. Lake Gairdner, South Australia. Special for the Sydney Morning Herald. Located around 440km north west from South Australia's capital, Lake Gairdner is a salt lake measuring more than 160km in length and 48km across and is Australia's only destination for dry lake racers to put their machines to the test and attempt to break land speed records in cars, motorcycles and trucks. Due to flood events and the Covid-19 pandemic Australian speedsters have only enjoyed 5 days racing in nearly as many years. The 2023 Speed week was not without its disruptions with a rain event on the first day of racing delivering 15mm of rain across the lake. Racing was postponed until the Thursday (4th day) when evaporation created safe driving conditions for participants. A man rides his bike across the mirror-like surface near the pits the morning after 15mm of rain fell over the lake.

Photography by Dean Sewell/Oculi for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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