The Party - Kitchen Sink Drama - Tea Towel

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Tea Towel series based on the Kitchen Sink Drama weekly column in the Good Weekend Magazine featuring written works by Paul Connolly and illustrations by Jim Pavlidis.

The Party
Past midnight and still the laughter, shouts and music assaulted the neighbourhood. “I’m going next door!” Russell fumed, furiously securing his dressing gown. “Russ, please, have you forgotten what it’s like to be young?” said Peggy. “Yes!” he said, departing. Half an hour later, Russell still hadn’t returned. Worried, Peggy went to investigate. Drifting in the open door, she moved slowly through the heaving house, enduring curious and amused glances. She finally found Russell in the kitchen. Seated between two gorgeous young things, he beamed at her and raised a beer, shouting over the din, “I remembered!”

Material: 50% linen 50% cotton
Size: 50x70cm approx
Colour: Digital print 

Proudly printed in Australia by Burbia.

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