Trauma Cleaner - Kitchen Sink Drama - Tea Towel

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Tea Towel series based on the Kitchen Sink Drama weekly column in the Good Weekend Magazine featuring written works by Paul Connolly and illustrations by Jim Pavlidis.

Trauma Cleaner
Jasmine had truly enjoyed Omar’s latest culinary masterpiece — and on a Monday night too! But now, while he convalesced from his artistic endeavours, she faced a kitchen that resembled a crime scene. Had the bastard used every pot, pan and spoon in the house? Just once couldn’t he make beans on toast? Contemplating the mess she wondered if it would be ungrateful of her to suggest a new house rule; that in future whoever cooks does the dishes. A test of one’s resolve is surely the making of any budding Blumenthal, she told herself, while scouring a pot.

Material: 50% linen 50% cotton
Size: 50x70cm approx
Colour: Digital print 

Proudly printed in Australia by Burbia.

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